In an effort to clearly communicate to the various constituencies that receive our services and manage their expectations, we are considering published service level agreements (SLAs) for all aspects of our operations, including, but not limited to, custodial, grounds, maintenance, and public safety.  A Google search has yielded several different types and formats of SLAs published by various institutions across the country.  

For those that have published SLAs, have these helped to communicate and manage expectations?  Would you be willing to share a link to your SLAs?

For those that have not published SLAs, is this a conscious decision or is it that you just have not had the time to "document what you do" and publish for all to see?

Thank you for your time in response!


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Andrew P. Christ, PE Senior Vice President for Real Estate Development and Capital Operations • (973) 596-5770 A Top 100 National University U.S. News & World Report

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Hi Andrew,

At Occidental College, we created an SLA for the Hospitality Services building. 

It took us some time to come to an agreement, but in the end both the Facilities and Hospitality departments have a better understanding of what services can/must be provided.

Mario Bonilla
Occidental College