Hello APPA members, with a special shout out to commuter campus community colleges....!!

At GRCC, we have four campuses that are busy weekdays Monday-Friday, day and night (pre-covid), and we have some events on the weekends.  But, the weekend events are limited, and as a commuter campus, we find the campus is empty or nearly so many weekends throughout the year.

We perform building checks on all buildings on Saturdays and Sundays, 52 weeks per year.  I'm wondering whether other commuter campuses do the same?  Also, it's typically a higher earner (building manager) performing the building check, on overtime.

Do you perform building checks every weekend?  Is the overtime opportunity shared among staff?  We need reliable, trustworthy staff performing this independent work, and most are, but we spend too much utilizing (seemingly always) the highest paid staff, and they end up working 7days a week, which isn't ideal.

If you will share how you do building checks I'd be very appreciative.


James VanDokkumburg

Grand Rapids Community College

executive director of facilities